Green Energy Machine (GEM) reduces waste up to 95% while producing energy

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Green Energy Machine (GEM) reduces waste up to 95% while producing energy

It is mobile, virtually emissions free, reduces garbage volume by 95% and turns waste into energy – its the Green Energy Machine (GEM) and it could be coming soon to an institution near you.

Produced by Massachusetts-based IST Energy, the GEM originated from a U.S. military request for proposals to deal with its waste. The military came through with three contracts worth a total of “$2.4 or $2.5 million,” says Cushman,

The GEM is eight feet high, takes up three regular parking spaces and can convert most forms of waste – agricultural, wood chips, food, plastics, paper – into energy. (It can handle glass and metal, but as these produce no energy, customers will be encouraged to recycle them as they do now, says Cushman.)

Once deposited in the GEM, the waste is shredded, the water removed, the remaining material formed into pellets, and the pellets gasified to produce a flammable synthetic gas that can be used to generate electricity or heat.

One unit processes up to three tons of waste daily, providing the energy to power and heat a 200,000 square foot building housing more than 500 people. IST says the system can reduce annual waste disposal and energy costs by about $250,000.

Customers will be able to make a green process even greener by using a micro-turbine rather than a generator to convert the gas into electricity. The company is also considering fuel cell technology, says Haber.

The only by-product, “innocuous ash,” may even be put to use – in asphalt, in cement, or even, if produced solely from biomass, as an additive in fertilizer.

The ideal candidate for the GEM produces two tons of garbage daily and can afford the $850,000 price tag – so targets include stadiums, hospitals, malls, resorts, universities, and other institutions. Haber says they’ve consulted with potential customers throughout the development process, visiting their sites, identifying specific needs and determining how best to meet them. The end result, says Haber, is a highly customizable system.

Since its launch in January, says Cushman, response to the GEM has been “astounding, bigger than expected – and we expected it would be big.”

He says they’ve ramped up their engineering staff in preparation for mass production, which they expect to start on July 1. The company, he says, consists of 13 people who’ve worked long hours, nights and weekends, “sweating out the details” of a product they all believe in.

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