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Civilization wars - cute online game

Really cute little war game where you build your civilization by destroying the others. Fun

Here is some background on it...

Most levels consist of a rustic landscape, replete with uninhabited pieces of ancient real estate, plus an opposing army who feebly stands in your path to conquest.

You're usually given a humble fort or two at the start which will generate reinforcements at a constant rate, indicated by a little number above the structure. Click on whichever outpost you'd like to deploy soldiers from, and then drag the cursor to your target and release.

Half of that outpost's forces will be sent out to occupy the object of your ire. If the enemy resides within , the numbers will cancel each other out until either the building is successfully defended or your own subjects set up shop. In other words, the bigger number wins the battle, as long as stats (such as strength, defense, etc.) are equal.

Mousing over many of your installments at once will result in coordinated attacks, which are often essential for overpowering a well-defended base.

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By netchicken: posted on 2-1-2010

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