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Strange food from around the world

Fancy trying some strange food? This page gives an overview of strange food from around the world and some videos of it. Fascinating.

Video of old lady talking about how to make head cheese which is lunch meat made from boiled animal heads. It's basically a jellied meat product made by boiling a whole head, and other scraps of meat, then chilling it into a loaf to be sliced.

boiled-sheeps-head.jpg - 14.67kb
By netchicken: posted on 6-2-2010

My first thought: Other countries eat Velociraptors?!
By dnavarre: posted on 13-2-2010

I don't think I could eat something that is starring back at me.

Iceland is best known for its glaciers, geysers and -- in the capital city of Reykjavik -- its wild nightlife. But now we can add one more extraordinary local feature to the country's distinguishing traits: delicious sheep's head.

With culinary delicacies like minke whale, horse, reindeer, puffin and putrefied shark, this Nordic island is already a dream destination for the adventurous eater.

For the truly brave, however, the BSI Bus Terminal is a must-see, just 10 to 15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik by foot. The unassuming eatery within the terminal is a local landmark, featuring affordable offerings that include a formidable Icelandic tradition known as svi, or sheep head.

If it sounds gross, it certainly does not look any better. As per tradition, the sheep's head is singed with gasoline to remove the hair, and then boiled. The head is de-brained and served whole, accompanied by sweetened mashed potato and mashed beet.

If you're feeling particularly bold, you might try the eye and ear. The bizarre textures and foul tastes make swallowing either a challenge, but eating the rest of the head is largely mind over matter. To be sure, it's difficult to swallow a meal that seems to be smiling back at you (the teeth are still in), but the face meat tastes far better than it sounds, and the tongue is not bad either.

One would be hard-pressed to argue that svi is the best-tasting meal Iceland has to offer, but on the plus side it does afford you the opportunity to tell all your friends that you ate the head of a sheep.

sheep-head.jpg - 9.79kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-3-2010

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