Wrong place, wrong time van gets skittled

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Wrong place, wrong time van gets skittled

A van passing a demolition site gets skittled by an out of control wrecking ball. Talk about unfortunate timing.

wrecking-ball-van.jpg - 14kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-2-2010

Looks like a movie shoot.

You can see the mechanism underneath the car that flips it. The ball looks like it's made out of plastic, the string that its hanging on stretches and bounces.
By Kingy: posted on 9-2-2010

Good points. When the wrecking ball hits the van part of the bodywork, maybe a plastic panel just behind the rear wheel breaks off, and indeed there does seem to be something loose underneath the van, but might that be another part of the vehicle such as the exhaust system?

I have seen the bounce in wrecking balls before, because of the flex in the crane, but it doesn't seem to have the mass that it would if it was real.

However its an odd movie scene with the bus obscuring the view, and the running of the man with the camera for a better view at the end.
By netchicken: posted on 9-2-2010

I'm guessing that the vid was taken by a spectator standing in a crowd waiting for a movie stunt.

When the van gets hit, it jumps into the air and an arm is seen under it levering it up into the air. If it was hit by a wrecking ball that size, the side of the van would be smashed in, and it would be bashed sideways.

The right rear tire is a giveaway, it doesn't load up with impact. The people moving towards the "accident" aren't in much of a hurry anyway.

Good timing though. :)
By Kingy: posted on 9-2-2010

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