WW1 soldiers bodies found in glacier...

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WW1 soldiers bodies found in glacier...

I wonder if there are any relatives left ... what a thought to see your great grandfather as he looked when he died.

Bodies of WWI soldiers found in Italian glacier

The preserved bodies of three Austrian soldiers killed in World War I have been found at the foot of an Italian glacier, 86 years after their deaths, a museum in northern Italy said on Sunday.

They were found by Maurizio Vincenzi, the director of the military history museum at the small town of Peio in the Trentino region, member of a mountain rescue team and military history buff.

The bodies were found 3,400 metres up a mountain called San Matteo and are said to be exceptionally well preserved.

They had been spotted by Vincenzi as he scanned the glacier with binoculars and noticed marks on it.

The area was the scene of fighting between Austrian and Italian troops in 1918 and the Austrian soldiers would have belonged to a regiment based at Dimaro nearby.

It is believed that the men died when they were attacked with grenades.

Their bodies have been taken to a morgue in Peio and will be transferred to a military cemetery.

According to Vincenzi it is 80 years since the preserved body of a World War I soldier has been found.



THE body of an Austrian soldier, one of three found preserved in an Alpine glacier since 1918, will be handed over to an Italian archaeological museum for research, authorities in the province of Trento said.

The body is that of a World War I soldier whose remains were discovered on Sunday along with the corpses of two colleagues in a frozen and mummified state after 86 years under ice in the Italian Alps.

The museum at Bolzano, in northern Italy, will be allowed to preserve and study the remains, discovered at the foot of a glacier 3400m above sea level.

The other two Austrian soldiers were scheduled to be buried this afternoon at an Italian military cemetery in the town of Peio.

The bodies of the three were discovered not far from the summit of San Matteo mountain, the scene of bitter fighting between Austrian and Italian forces near the end of World War I.

They were found by Maurizio Vincenzi, director of the military history museum at Peio in the Trentino region, who is a member of a mountain rescue team and a military historian.

Mr Vincenzi found the bodies after spotting a suspicious-looking dark patch in the ice through his binoculars.

Although war relics were often found in the area, no bodies had been found since 1927, he said.

"To find them in that state was almost impossible," he said. "The hands and faces were well-defined, the fingernails, teeth and skin on the face were all still there."

Mr Vincenzi said the three were probably shot dead in the battle to retake the peak of San Matteo on September 3, 1918, when Austro-Hungarian troops were repelled by Italian fire as they left their mountain-top trenches.
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