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Russian Roulette with a magazine fed pistol - video

Russian Roulette is a traditional sport done with a revolver where you spin the cylinder with one bullet in it. The weight of the bullet usually makes it fall to the bottom of the cylinder, so when the shot is taken there is nothing in the firing chamber. All this is useless to know, if you use a magazine fed pistol, there is no 'chance', one shot one kill. A real Darwin Award for the idiot here.

In this case the idiot survived, but only just, and that was because it was a rubber ball instead of a bullet.

A wedding guest has suffered brain damage in a Russian roulette prank-gone-wrong played out in front the bride and groom. The accident happened after another guest pulled out a gun and said he was going to play the deadly game at the wedding in Astrakhan, Russia, the Daily Mail reports.

The man, who was giving a toast at the time, claimed the gun was empty before directing it at his temple and pulling the trigger. The man goes on to ask whether anyone else wants to play the game.

The wedding party watches in horror as a second man grabs the handgun and pulls the trigger but this time it fires and he slumps to the floor.

Guests react chaotically and one person can be heard shouting, "Are you mad?".

The injured man was later rushed to hospital where doctors removed a rubber bullet, the newspaper said. He is now reportedly suffering brain damage and paralysis. The man who brought the gun to the wedding was arrested and will face charges.

"I wanted to perform my party trick," he was quoted as saying.
"I expected lots of applause after I did it and never guess someone would repeat it."

By netchicken: posted on 23-3-2010

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