Guy buys pet Cobra. It slithers away free- costs over 40,000 euro to try and find

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Guy buys pet Cobra. It slithers away free- costs over 40,000 euro to try and find

Kevin O. wanted a new pet. But the highly poisonous cobra he bought apparently didn't want him. It escaped in his apartment, leading to a week-long, 40,000-euro search for the reptile. Now, with the snake still at large, the house has been sealed off for eight weeks.

The saga began when amateur snake keeper Kevin O., 19, brought home his exotic new pet and installed it in a terrarium complete with the ventilation system necessary to keep the three-month old serpent toasty warm. Just a short time later, however, the snake tank was empty and its occupant was nowhere to be found. O. called the authorities.

What followed was one of the lengthiest and most expensive pet-hunts Germany has seen in recent years.

The walls, floor and ceiling of O's attic apartment were dismantled and the two units on the ground floor below were also carefully searched. Flour was strewn on the floor in the hopes of collecting tracks. Strong, double-sided tape was installed to perhaps trap the cobra baby. The fire department even brought in mini-cameras to search the tightest and most inaccessible corners.

To no avail. On Sunday, the search was called off and the renters were told they would have to find alternate accommodation for eight weeks -- by which time, it is assumed, the snake will have starved to death. The house has been sealed off to cut off any possible reptilian escape routes, though the cobra is not likely to venture outdoors, say experts, due to chilly German temperatures.

A Hefty Bill

For Kevin O., however, the drama is far from over. In all, the search cost close to 40,000 -- and that's just for the fire department. There were numerous other agencies involved in the search in addition to the construction company tasked with stripping O's apartment to the studs.

The owner of the house is also unlikely to be pleased with the structure's new look. Even if keeping poisonous pets is legal in Germany, it is considered likely that O. will be presented with a hefty bill.

In the meantime, the mini-cobra remains hidden. "We probably won't find the snake even in a hundred years," said a fire department spokesman on Sunday. "No matter what we do."
By netchicken: posted on 24-3-2010

The snake has been captured, stuck on some sticky tape ...

A venomous snake that escaped in Germany triggering an extensive three-week hunt has been found dead, leaving its young owner facing a huge bill.

In their efforts to locate the snake, authorities stripped the owner's flat bare, ripping out walls and floorboards and evacuating the building.

The 30cm (12in) monocled cobra was eventually caught on double-sided sticky tape laid by the fire brigade.

The 19-year-old owner now reportedly faces 100,000 euros (88,000) in costs.

The snake escaped on 18 March from its reptile tank, or terrarium.

After sealing the building and laying the sticky-tape trap, firefighters checked the building daily.

One of them spotted the snake on Thursday, lying on a piece of tape having apparently died of exhaustion.

It is believed the snake may have emerged from its hiding place because of the warmer weather.

The owner's flat has been left uninhabitable, though other residents could return to the building, local media reports said.

"Everything has had a happy end," a spokesman for the town of Muelheim in western Germany said. "Not for the snake but for us."
By netchicken: posted on 9-4-2010

That guy should stick to sea monkey's.....they won't kill you, or run away, plus their sorta cute. LOL
By mg.mikael: posted on 11-4-2010

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