Mexican narcotic gang attacks house - police video

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Mexican narcotic gang attacks house - police video

Narcotics gang in 15 vehicles gets all coked up before attacking a house in Mexico. Killed 7 people including two children.

Article, translated by google

However it could be that the 'gang' is actually the police....

... Quote:
The thugs are composed of official agents and narcs. The only one you can half trust is the army. The video of the guys snorting coke is very common, they need that high for adrenalin.

They just shot 9 people- thats nothing, hangings, beheadings with chains, burning bodies in diesel drums, in acid etc. it's sickening even to them that's why they need to get high, to get crazy.

The house belongs to an empresario= rich business guy.
1) he refused to pay extortion money. not likely. if he's legit no sane person in mexico right now would put his family in danger for money. or
2) he's involved in the cartels and needed to be made an example of. Most likely. it's very difficult to be rich or and official and not be told "plata o plomo" silver(money) or lead(bullets) or
3)he's legit but said something he should not have said. not likely they were targeted for a specific reason.

Why children? why not? they kill anyone. the article linked mentions a previous massacre in 08 where a 1yr got killed along 12 other people. 3 bodies where found inside, 4 by the road some time later.

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By netchicken: posted on 10-4-2010

More talk on the video on the link below, One person notes that
... Quote:
They use police lights, fake uniforms, cloned vehicles, you name it.

This convoy is small compared to the ones you see in Sinaloa, one mayor reported seen up to 100 vehicles in convoy. Police will just stop patrolling when they see them driving around. Specially in the mountains, there is no real authority nearby who can confront the cartels.

These small towns are usually guarded by 5 policemen at max. Plus these people carry hand grenades, rocket launchers and .50 cals. Even a medium size group of soldiers will not engage them.
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2010

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