Hondas new U3-X a chair that really knows how to roll - video

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Hondas new U3-X a chair that really knows how to roll - video

With U3-X Honda's lightweight and compact one-wheeled device features a foldable seat and retractable footrests. A lithium-ion battery pack provides power for up to one-hour of use and can be recharged by plugging in to a conventional household or office 120-volt power outlet.

Weighing roughly 22 pounds, U3-X uses an advanced Honda proprietary balance-control system which derives from its research into human walking dynamics for the development of the ASIMO bi-pedal humanoid robot.

In addition, the compact size and one-wheel-drive design of U3-X was intended to provide user-friendly and pedestrian-friendly operation with low-mounted foot pedals that make it easy for the rider to reach the ground, and a seat height that places the rider at approximately the same eye-level as other people.

Although its a machine I would love to use, only having a charge of 1 hour is a severe restriction. How it runs on other surfaces such as carpet is also an issue.

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By netchicken: posted on 3-6-2010

Because people aren't lazy enough as it is, Honda goes ahead and builds a machine that would make people even less inclined to go for a walk. I wonder if it has any weight restrictions as to its usage because that needs to be an important design consideration going forward for people who are going to use it extensively. Japan leads the world in making these kinds of fantastical products that really nobody or very few people are going to use. They should instead have shown how old people or maybe paraplegics could use this machine to give themselves better mobility that being stuck in a cumbersome wheelchair. Using normal, healthy young adults as models is just bizarre.

One of the differences between America and Japan is how technology is used. In America, technology is applied much more productively in a very user-friendly manner while the level of technology might not really be the latest. In Japan, the very latest in technology is always applied in a very clumsy or complicated way trying to develop a niche from the mainstream.
These tendencies are self evident when one takes into consideration the cell phone market. Japanese cell phones are generations ahead of the Iphone or the latest gadgets the rest of us know as "high-tech" peripherals. Yet, the humble Iphone (according to Japanese cell phone standards) that doesn't have wireless digital HDTV or cannot function like an e-wallet and requires a PC connection for many things has blown away the otherwise high-tech Japanese phones that provide all these features and much more in Japan with its ease of use and its innovative software and hardware use. Today, Japanese cell manufacturers are scratching their heads at how a relative upstart like Apple using technology from the late 90s is able to take the world by storm and challenge them in their own home market .
By IAF: posted on 17-9-2010

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