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Childrens experiences of life after death - video

One of the more fascinating facts about near-death experiences is that they are sometimes reported by very young children (somewhat confounding the 'cultural expectation hallucination' explanation).

Here's an interesting short clip featuring the near-death experience research of Dr Melvin Morse which focuses on the NDEs of children:

Dr. Morse, I have a wonderful secret to tell you. I was climbing a staircase to heaven". Chris, age 8, told me this after being resuscitated when his heart stopped beating as a result of kidney failure. As a Pediatrician and neuroscientist, I have been studying that secret since 1980.

This next video is of the first life after death story of a patient of Dr Morse.

This picture was drawn by a seven year old girl who nearly drowned in a swimming pool.

She wanted to stay in heaven, however, a person she thought was Jesus told her that she had to go back to help her mother with medical problems associated with her (then) unborn brother. She didn't know what these problems were as the baby was not born yet. Yet she draws her unborn brother at the bottom of the picture with a big heart in his chest. After this drawing was made, he was born with severe heart disease.

As I expressed complete disbelief at her story, she patted me condescendingly on the hand and told me, "You'll see Dr. Morse, Heaven is fun."

Much more on this topic:

and his new site
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