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The Commodores - Brick House - music video

The Commodores Brick House is a trip back into funk and is one of their most popular songs. A "Brick House" is slang for a voluptuous woman. The original expression was/is "She's built like a brick shit house". It dates back to the time when few people had indoor plumbing.

Most "outhouses" were made of wood, flimsy and frequently knocked down with strong winds or harsh weather. It would be unusual, rare and impressive to find an outhouse made of brick.. Hence, if a woman were "stacked", she would be described as being built like a "brick house".

In 1977, the Commodores were in the studio recording when there was a problem with the equipment. While the tapes were being repaired and replaced, the group took a break. Ronald LaPread, the Commodores' bass player, began jamming with his guitar and came up with the now famous bass line that begins the song and runs throughout it.

The other band members began to fill in. James Carmichael, the producer heard this, recognized a hit when he heard one and told everyone to "sleep on it" and see if anyone could come up with lyrics and a melody for this great track. William King (singer) went to sleep but his wife, Shirley Hanna-King, was inspired and wrote down her ideas. William loved it and played it for the group.

She's a brick----house
Mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
She's a brick----house
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
ain't holding nothing back.

She's a brick----house
She's the one, the only one,
who's built like a amazon
We're together everybody knows,
and here's how the story goes.

1. She knows she got everything
a woman needs to get a man, yeah.
How can she use, the things she use
36-24-36, what a winning hand!


2. The clothes she wears, the sexy ways,
make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she's built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees


Shake it down, shake it down now (repeat)
By netchicken: posted on 18-7-2010

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