Its great news that Obama Bin Laden has been killed but Pakistan is worried ....

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Its great news that Obama Bin Laden has been killed but Pakistan is worried ....

Coming up is the bun fight over who actually did the killing. Although its described by the US military and the President as a purely US operation, Pakistan has been making "me too" statements.

One of the reasons is that this makes Pakistan look bad so damage control is at work.

Comments on Pakistan Military Forums as described by a poster on show the worried response in Pakistan.
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1. This is a staged Hollywood drama to destabilize Pakistan. It is bad.
2. This is practice to take over their nukes. It is bad.
3. This is a hugely embarrassing event that shames Pakistan. It shames them that a foreign military operation happened within their borders so easily and/or that Osama was living so close to Islamabad/the Pakistani Army. It is bad.

As some Pakistanis see it.
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1. If Pakistani army, ISI, Govt kept quiet and did not tell they played a role and its level of cooperation then US is going to hit us hard in coming days.
2. in that case we must prepare for US operations in our cities openly
3. if we tell the truth that we conducted operation and handed over his dead body to US then we will be hit hard by al-Qaeda BUT that is in my own opinion an option we must go for and public our role.

However as this develops its all USA's celebration. Awesome work America!

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By netchicken: posted on 2-5-2011

A really good updated article on

Under the cover of darkness, two or three helicopters infiltrated U.S. operators — maybe Special Operations Forces, maybe CIA agents, maybe both. They were brought into the vicinity of a compound where Bin Laden was thought to be hiding, near the city of Abbottabad around 35 miles from the Pakistani capital.

“The physical security measures of the compound are extraordinary. It has 12- to 18-foot walls topped with barbed wire. Internal wall sections — internal walls sectioned off different portions of the compound to provide extra privacy. Access to the compound is restricted by two security gates,” a senior administration official told reporters tonight. “The main structure, a three-story building, has few windows facing the outside of the compound. A terrace on the third floor has a seven-foot wall privacy — has a seven-foot privacy wall.”

One or two American choppers arrived safely near the compound. A third bird — allegedly a Pakistani bird — was struck by ground fire, some local news outlets claimed.

“According to eyewitnesses, a low-flying helicopter crashed in a populated area and as a result two houses were engulfed in flames,” a Pakistani news service reported, an hour before the world knew Bin Laden was dead. “Three people including two women were injured in the attack and were taken to the CMH Hospital.”

“A huge window shaking bang here in Abbottabad,” tweeted Sohaib Athar, a local IT consultant. “I hope its not the start of something nasty"

The crash occurred near the Pakistani Military Academy in Abbottabad, according to the report, highlighting Bin Laden’s long-term proximity to Pakistan government forces — and thus the great extent of his local protection. The two injured women were almost certainly bystanders on the ground. It’s not clear if the injured man was a member of the helicopter crew or another civilian.

The apparent details surrounding the helicopter shoot-down fill in some of the (perhaps intentional) gaps left by U.S. President Barack Obama when he announced late Sunday night that Bin Laden was dead and his body was in American custody.
By netchicken: posted on 2-5-2011

Long War Journal has a good summary, and an interesting comment
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The haul of material and documents from the mansion is still being sorted through, and looks like the mother-lode. The outfall of actionable intel on the shura majlis and the four military shuras is going to be devastating. The killing spree is soon to begin. Keep your grins, everyone.
Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.o...
By netchicken: posted on 2-5-2011

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