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In the spirit of kitchen-table inventors, a number of pioneering amateurs have been looking into how to create artificial ball lightning, using a candle and a microwave oven. We strongly advise against trying this yourself, and the writer and FT take no responsibility for your experiments.

The experiment goes like this: place a lighted candle or toothpick in the microwave for a few seconds, then take it out and start the microwave.

The result is a small luminous ‘plasmoid’ floating to the top of the microwave. Some of the best photographs of this effect may be found at . Proof of the microwave-ball lighting theory? Or something else entirely?

Links to these experiments can also be found at:

According to recent research, humans are not the only ones who can make ball lightning.

Snapping shrimps (Alpheus heterochaelis) can create balls of
plasma with a temperature of 5,000°C (9000°F). When the shrimp snaps its outsize claw, it makes a stream of tiny bubbles which expand and then collapse. It is this collapse which produces the plasma balls. However, with a range of three millimetres and a duration of less than a billionth of a second, it is unlikely that it has much effect beyond a flicker of light 12.
By sandman: posted on 29-11-2002

This is just to tempting Sandman.

Next time I see an old Microwave i'll give it a go with an extension lead in my back garden at night.I'll have to wear some safety goggles though.

By John bull: posted on 3-12-2002

microwave fun

Did you know six eggs in a microwave, full power will blow the door off!:sh
By evilwavey: posted on 6-12-2002

LOL the eggs I am NOT gong to try ... like little hand granades!:P
By netchicken: posted on 6-12-2002

:fhmmm micro wave and eggs...i think your spose to cook them in a pan...:f
for shizzle:f
By gantly: posted on 12-6-2003

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