Android App #3 - A GPS location finder now with GPS Messaging!!

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Android App #3 - A GPS location finder now with GPS Messaging!!

Updates at the end. New Messaging system. New Weather and Search. I had fun making this app. Basically its a compass that points in the direction of a chosen latitude and longitude and gives a distance. You can save the place you are at to a database and find your way back to it and view it on google maps.

I realized that it might be good to log in places ahead of time, so will develop that shortly. I can see a lot of extra things I can make with this program that might be fun so I hope to release improvements, just as long as I don't get sidetracked on another project.

There are some bugs, one being that when you turn it off, and turn it back on it sometimes reloads the last location you have used. There must be some sort of storage in the gps that is not being released. Also on my phone its really sensitive to other factors such as the room you are in, nearness to computers etc.

The coding is based on the GPS Change event, which means that for most things to happen the GPS has to be changing to load changes. This took me a while to realize, so I would choose another location put the phone down and it wouldn't pick up the new change. I had to move the phone around until the GPS location registered a change.

Here is the description....

Lost your car? A shop you want to return to? Record it with Location Finder

Never lose your car in the carpark again. Find your way back to your last known place. Find a good fishing hole? A shop you want to return to? A nice place for a view?

Record it with Location Finder and also record distance as the crow flies from your current location to saved location.

This program allows you to create and save waypoints, to record Latitude and Longitude and display how far you are from that point and in what direction it is so you can find your way home.

Locations can also be stored in a database to use at a later time. Stored locations can be seen on your Google Maps as well.

This program is still under development with new features to be released. Although the database holds sample cities, it is developed more for use in the local area.

You can store a Temporary location, and find the distance back to it or store it permanently into a database.

As the GPS sucks up battery life when you want to keep the location for a while I would store the current location to the Database, turn off the program and when you want to find your way back load it up again to get a fix.

Find it here

mainGPS.jpg - 61kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-11-2011

I have just uploaded a new version of this program adding in a new feature.

You can now record a message that will show when you reach your destination. So Have to do something at work? Write a message to yourself, then when you get to work the GPS of the location will trigger the message to appear on your phone.

This was harder than it looked, and why the posts on this site have slowed to a trickle recently :-)

GPS location seems so fiddly, one day its accurate to a few feet, and then later, its moved out the door.

Hopefully someone out there will like it :-) As GPS does drain the battery quickly, its still best to save and reload the program over longer times.

There will be more developments as I get my some more skills.

message.jpg - 47.6kb
By netchicken: posted on 18-11-2011

Now added ...

Altitude, Accuracy and Satellites added.
Bug fixed in displaying messages
Changed Lat and Lon to Degrees

I hope to use the Altitude to show the change as you move and to see the difference from saved altitudes to current. On the wish list is to graph the path of a person and the altitude covered.
By netchicken: posted on 27-11-2011

Weather and Search

Version 5 has been uploaded. You can tell when a new version is arriving the posts on the site significantly decrease as my attention goes elsewhere.

This version introduces two new tools. First is a weather tool that gives the current weather, temp, humidity, rainfall etc, at the selected location. The idea is that you can click on a stored location in your favorites and see what the weather is at that place.

The second feature is the ability to add a place to the favorites by typing in the address and automatically returning the Latitude and Longitude. The accuracy of this tool is determined by the accuracy of the address used.

The most accurate lat and lon is achieved by standing in the location and using the Save Location feature on the front screen. The second most accurate is typing in the street address eg: 25 Smith Street, Just using Smith Street is naturally far less accurate.

weather-search.jpg - 114.27kb
By netchicken: posted on 6-12-2011

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