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People don't want to learn programming they want to make stuff - article

This interesting article outlines some good points about teaching people how to program, other points are debatable, but its still worth the read for such things as:

Beginner Programmers Are Plagiarists (So Give Them A Lot To Plagiarize) and
My Programs, Let Me Show You Them

More code less talk, seems to be a good rule as well as making programs that are inherently useful. That's why android apps are so exciting, simple little programs that people can use.

Here are some other things he says ...

... Quote:
Many programming tutorials begin with basic programming principles: variables, loops, data types. This is both an obvious way to teach programming and almost certainly a wrong way to teach programming. Itís wrong because nobody wants to learn how to program.

If you are teaching a class of adults who are paying with their own money for an education, then this is an appropriate and direct way to teach programming. Itís their money. They expect that theyíll have to focus and slug through concepts to come out the other end with programming knowledge. The start-with-variables-loops-data-types approach is fine for this. But most likely they still donít want to learn how to program.

But for the casually interested or schoolchildren with several activities competing for their attention, programming concepts like variables and loops and data types arenít interesting in themselves. They donít want to learn how to program just for the sake of programming. They donít want to learn about algorithm complexity or implicit casting. They want to make Super Mario or Twitter or Angry Birds.

More: with good comments for and against
By netchicken: posted on 9-3-2012

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