The madness of NCEA - a plumber in New Zeaalnd

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The madness of NCEA - a plumber in New Zeaalnd

In the house of Fred Dagg, a water pipe bursts and the water is leaking along the wall, through the floor, into the basement and disappears underneath the house.

Fred senior rings the plumber as soon as he realizes the problem. Three hours later the plumber arrives. As he was trained in technology according to the NCEA in a New Zealand secondary school, he notices instantly what the issue is: “The pipe is broken and water is leaking out”, he explains.

Not to lose any time he instantly proceeds to identify the stakeholders. They are Mr and Mrs. Dagg and the children Fred junior and Emma. The dog is excluded as his water bowl is filled from the tap before the leaking pipe.

However now there is a problem. As the house still has a mortgage, the BNZ is another stakeholder. Further there is the Wellington Regional Council because it is their water leaking unused into the ground. This of course slows things down, because the plumber now has to interview the stakeholders.

After a week all the stakeholders are interviewed and the plumber sets up a list of key points: The loss of water, the damage to the wall, the shower that is not working (which is connected to the pipe behind the leak).

To speed things up, minor points are left out. For example the plumber ignores the Dagg family’s savings on soap as Emma refuses to wash herself with cold water. (The hot water cylinder is connected to the pipe after the leak).

Finally all the major key points are collated and the plumber begins with the prioritising. As he is well trained and always aims for a merit, he justifies the priority of those points. E.g. the loss of water from the Wellington Regional Council is not important. In April there is plenty of water available and therefore there is no financial loss. The damage to the wall however is a financial loss to the Dagg family and it concerns other stakeholders as well, e.g. the BNZ.

Finally, when all the work is done, our plumber writes everything in a table maintaining the correct sequence. He presents the list together with the invoice.

As he has now done 80% of the work he gets 19.2 out of 24 credits. This is an undisputed pass. With the shortage of fully trained trades people there is no need to waste any more time and other clients are waiting.
By netchicken: posted on 2-12-2002

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