Do you know some Visual Basic? Then build your own Android Apps Easy! - full instructions

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Do you know some Visual Basic? Then build your own Android Apps Easy! - full instructions

Although has somewhat been languishing over the last few months that doesn't mean that I have not been busy. On the contrary I have been flat out hard at work writing and teaching how to build Android Apps using Visual Basic.

Java coders will react to this with howls of laughter, but with some awesome software recently released its not only doable its very fast. conception to finishing takes only a week or two, although for me ideas are usually stewing for a while first. The question usually isn't "What can i build because I don't know much? but "What can I build because there are so many options.

I have 4 apps in the google market but could have many more if I had the time to finish them off.

To date we have been looking at basic programs that can be launch pads for other ideas or integrated in together like building blocks that do the following.

Scrape and show information from websites in your Android phone - a weather app being the prime example

Create and use mysql local databases in your project

Create and use remote web based databases in your projects. - Creating an online database that users can access, post to, receive from etc.

Create GPS software save location online, use Google geolocate to get the location of a lat and lon. etc.

Then we moved to more phone orientated projects

Create an alarm system to send SMS text messages out to multiple recipients at a set time.

Automate txt messages coming in and going out, capturing the data in teh message and making them run programs.

Creating a widget that displays the last txt message on the front of your phone.

Then we started with voice.

Integrating voice so that it can read out who the text message comes from and the body of the message.
Respond to voice inputs to perform commands such as reply to messages while driving.

If you are interested here is a link to my current, still under development, manual on the website.

The software for the projects is made with Visual Basic for Android from

Contact me if you want more information.
By netchicken: posted on 27-5-2012

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