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WW2 dogfight activity report - Mustang vrs FW190 - image

An incident report from a Mustang pilot of an encounter with a German FW190. A small slice of history.

I was flying Blue 4. We were flying at 5,000 feet when I saw a lone FW 190 (long-nosed) at 1 o'clock low, and at approximately 4,000 feet altitude, climbing to attack. I dropped my nose and started for him. The FW 190 saw me coming so he turned to the right trying to get a head-on shot at me. I pulled in and opened fire from approx. 300 yards, with a 30 degree deflection shot giving the e/a a 1 second burst.

I observed several strikes on the engine and right wing of the e/a. He reversed his turn and flew straight and level. So I opened fire again from 200 yards dead astern, observing many strikes on the bottom of his fuselage. He was now turning to the left and I gave him a 2 second burst from 150 yards observing strikes along the engine.

The enemy pilot jettisoned his canopy and straightened out. Plane was smoking and pieces were flying off. I pulled up alongside the E/A, the pilot waived (sic), pulled himself out the cockpit with one arm, the other hanging by his side. He went over the back, hitting the vertical stabilizer as he went by. This pilot was the biggest and fattest (possibly Goering) flyer I have ever seen.

Claim one (1) FW 190 (long nosed) destroyed.

-Charles R. Nicholson, 2nd Lt., Air Corps


I was flying Blue 3. I saw LT. Nicholson fire at the long nosed FW 190 and saw the pilot hit the stabilizer as he bailed out. His chute did not open.

Mont. J Bryan, 1st Lt., Air Corps.

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