Brain grows in rat thigh after transplant

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Brain grows in rat thigh after transplant

Today the rat, tomorrow a human?


Brain grows in rat thigh after transplant
Agence France Presse
Tokyo, December 1

A group of Japanese scientists has transplanted the brain of a baby rat into the thigh of a grown-up rat as an experiment to see if brain tissue can survive if its blood supply is cut off for a while, local media reported on Sunday.

The scientists at the Jichi Medical School in Tochigi, north of Tokyo, removed the head of a 12-day-old rat and connected its blood vessels to those in the thigh of the adult rat, Kyodo News agency said.

It took the Japanese scientists 90 minutes to graft the rat’s brain into the thigh, but the organ survived and its neurological functions developed after the transplant.

The brain grew and the mouth of the baby rat even moved as if trying to drink milk, it said.

It is commonly believed that brain tissue dies immediately after blood supply is cut off.

The study showed the importance of keeping the room temperature low for the transplant. While an experiment carried out in a room at 29 degrees Celsius failed, another in a room at 19 degrees Celsius was successful, according to the team.

“The finding that a transplant is possible if the brains are cooled helps add a reference to brain surgery,” Nobufumi Kawai, one of the scientists, was quoted by Kyodo as saying.
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:yak:j ya... y wod they put its brain in its legs!?
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