One WW2 Uboat disovered off the Massachusetts coast and potentially another dicovered in a Canadian river

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One WW2 Uboat disovered off the Massachusetts coast and potentially another dicovered in a Canadian river

Like the plot of a WW2 spy movie potentially two WW2 German Uboats have just been discovered . The first, discovered in the waters off waters off Nantucket has been confirmed as a UBoat sunk in 1944, while the second is still unidentified yet more than 60 miles from the ocean up a river.

Newfoundland, July 25 (UPI) -- It hasn't been confirmed yet, but searchers believe they've found a World War II German submarine at the bottom of a Canadian river, 60 miles from the ocean. What appears to be a German U-boat was first spotted at the bottom of the Churchill River in Labrador two years ago by searchers using sonar to locate three men who had gone over Muskrat Falls, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Wednesday.

"We were looking for something completely different, not a submarine, not a U-boat -- I mean, no one would ever believe that was possible," Brian Corbin told the CBC. "It was a great feeling when we found it." Corbin said the object appears to be a 150-foot-long vessel.

The German government says it would be "sensational and unusual" for one of its submarines to have ended up so far inland, though it concedes it's possible, the CBC reported.

"We do know that German U-boats did operate in that region," Georg Juergens, deputy head of mission for the German Embassy in Ottawa, told the CBC. "We must brace ourselves for surprises."

Juergens said the whereabouts of more than a dozen WWII U-boats may still be unknown. He said it would be "against our tradition and our naval customs" to raise the wreckage if it does prove to be a German sub.

"This site then would be declared a war grave at sea," he said.

Corbin said he wants to search the river. Juergens said the Newfoundland and Labrador government is involved in efforts to authenticate the possible wreck.

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BOSTON -- Divers have discovered a World War II-era German submarine nearly 70 years after it sank under withering U.S. attack in waters off Nantucket.

The U-550 was found Monday by a privately funded group organized by New Jersey lawyer Joe Mazraani.

"They’ve looked for it for over 20 years,” Mazraani, a shipwreck diver, told The Boston Globe. “It’s another World War II mystery solved.”

In the second trip in two years to the site by the team, the seven-man crew using side-scan sonar located the wreck listing to its side in deep water about 70 miles south of Nantucket.

Sonar operator Garry Kozak said he spotted the 252-foot submarine during the second of an exhausting two days of searching. Kozak said the team asked him if they'd found it, then erupted in joy without a word from him.

"They could see it with the grin (on my face) and the look in my eyes," Kozak said.

The crew had searched 100 square miles of ocean, the Globe reported. Traveling at five knots, the ship scanned the vast expanse for signs of the sunken vessel, a tedious process crew members likened to “mowing the lawn.”

Mazraani dove down to confirm the discovery with pictures, the Globe said. On April 16, 1944, the U-550 torpedoed the gasoline tanker SS Pan Pennsylvania, which had lagged behind its protective convoy as it set out with 140,000 barrels of gasoline for Great Britain, according to the U.S. Coast Guard website and research by Mazraani.

The U-boat slipped under the doomed tanker to hide. But one of the tanker's three escorts, the USS Joyce, saw it on sonar and severely damaged it by dropping depth charges.

The Germans, forced to surface, manned their deck guns while another escort vessel, the USS Gandy, returned fire and rammed the U-boat. The third escort, the USS Peterson, then hit the U-boat with two more depth charges. The crew abandoned the submarine, but not before setting off explosions to scuttle it. The submarine hadn't been seen again until Monday.

The U-550 is one of several World War II-era German U-boats that have been discovered off the U.S. coast, but it's the only one that sank in that area, Mazraani said. He said it's been tough to find largely because military positioning of the battle was imprecise, and searchers had only a general idea where the submarine was when it sank. Kozak noted that the site is far offshore and has only limited windows of good weather.

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