Looking forward to Windows 8? I was, but my near new laptop won\'t take it. Thanks Dell.

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Looking forward to Windows 8? I was, but my near new laptop won't take it. Thanks Dell.

Talk about unbelievable. My one year old Dell Inspiron 15 Intel N5010 won't work under Windows 8. Having spent an evening trying to install Windows 8 Enterprise, which I need for teaching Windows 8 programming, I found to my shock that this near new powerful I3 machine is not compatible with Windows 8. It refuses to load on the machine and says to contact the manufacturer.

So if you own a Dell check this list and see if your pride and joy can be upgraded, or if its a lemon.

By netchicken: posted on 1-11-2012

The lack of posts recently on the board can be partly attributed to work, and partly to spending hours messing around trying to get Windows 8 to work. In a fit of enthusiasm and 'why not 'ism" I decided to teach Win 8 programming for the last part of the year.

Sure, Why not? Windows is out, we have an Enterprise version that we all can use. Windows 8 has some good training materials I have looked at back in April, we will just upgrade the office machines, and our laptops, and get stuck in.

Famous last words. I wish my last words were "Never be the first at anything IT". Alas I trusted Microsoft not to screw up on us.

The Work machines upgraded happily to W8, so buoyed with that confidence we all tried to upgrade our laptops. My result as seen above was that my newish perfectly good Dell just doesn't work with Win 8, so I went out and bought an Acer Timeline nice light hybrid motherboard with 20gig ssd built into it, who could be happier. Note that I am not composing this post on it. I upgraded it to Win 8 and the beast refuses to connect to the internet.

So I downloaded the new drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and booted it up, no difference except that the error sign in the device manager doesn't show, it still doesn't work. I give up, look for something else to do while I figure that out.

So then I get to work reinstalling all the MS software and come to SQL Server 2012. Now get this, its made by Microsoft, this year, its new, and its being loaded into an operating system designed for a business environment released also this year. Also new. You would think the two would happily work together. But no, it stopped installing and wouldn't go any further. After looking at it for an hour or two afraid to cancel out I did, and now have to hunt down every sql reference on the computer and delete them before trying to reinstall it again. I havn't done it yet, i don't have time.

Now I am two laptops down.

OK, thats painful, but hey, we still have the training materials from the March conference, on C# and metro apps, we can still use it with our desktop machines. Fat chance. The manuals don't work, probably because they were written for the pre release version of metro and Visual Studio 2011, The code generated in the VS 2012 is different to the earlier version, so we can't get anything to work in the manuals.

Meanwhile students upgrading are dropping like flies, a new Sony fails miserably, much to the mirth of other students, Sony being disparaged as a brand anyway. Another student can't download W8 from Dreamspark. Another loads up, and finds after authenticating the Enterprise version that it is only registered for 6 months, then it has to connect back to the server to reauthenticate. So when the student leaves, the windows will eventually shut down. No you can't just go back to a W8 pro download from Dreamspark, you can't downgrade windows. You will have to do a clean reinstall of a new version.

Howls of pain grow everywhere.

So after losing 3 days teaching for what seemed to be an easy task, we now have non working machines, with no tuition material and I am unable to write anything as my home laptops don't work. I was going to mow the lawn this weekend, looks like it will be all spent indoors......
By netchicken: posted on 7-11-2012

The rebellion is growing at work.

The desktop machines have the following Windows 8 issues.

Blackscreen of death - machines have stopped booting up leaving an accursed cursor
SQL server 2012 not installing correctly
Graphic drivers issues
No network printers

Laptop issues
No wireless
Drivers not installing

Finally we have some more teaching resources and the debate to go back to ASP.net MVC or do more C# programming, or stick with Win 8, has started to resolve. C# and Xaml sounds good.

Still have to download the Touchpad drivers, as Win 8 has trouble with multi touch and the Nividia GeForce drivers.
By netchicken: posted on 8-11-2012

This morning we almost canned the whole Win 8 idea and went back to Win 7, but having slogged so far we thought the end was in sight and decided to persevere.

There has now been an upside, after a meeting with industry stakeholders it appears our cunning plan of learning to program for windows surface is exactly on the nose. One programming company at least is investigating and also gearing up for the task.

Meanwhile the saga of the laptop continues, I downloaded and updated every driver I could find (Acer is VERY good on their site for this), and found a tremendous difference. As I had just bought the laptop and immediately upgraded to Win 8 I never knew how it felt or looked when behaving normally. So I was happy to find the appalling buggy touch pad and the dull screen went away to be replace by a fine multitouch interface and a bright sharp screen when the drivers were replaced.

My joy was dampened however when I found that the new laptop will not connect in with my home Linksys wireless router, while working happily with the wireless one at work.

Does windows 8 not like old routers? Who knows ....


The next day ......

Work wireless on the laptop failed at work again, The techie rolled back the wireless drivers to an earlier version, and it started back up. The more RECENT Win 8 driver seem to be the problem the older Win 7 - 8 works.

Desktops are now running because of our amazing techie, most problem stemmed from graphics drivers. network printing was resolved, and SQL seemed to have fixed itself. Things are slowly beginning to come right.

Guess I'll have time soon to update the site, and may be able to mow the lawn after all.
By netchicken: posted on 8-11-2012

The "Do you want to delete" warning has disappeared when you want to delete a file!

On one hand this is good as it saves time but on the other hand I have already deleted files I didn't want to. If you have a file selected then scroll out of view, the file with the cursor on it is lit up, but not until you click on it is it selected.

If like me you think you have clicked on it, because the selected color is like the highlighted color, when you press delete it looks like nothing has happened. However behind the scene the file that was selected but now out of sight has been sent to the bin.

Scary ....

here is how to fix it

By netchicken: posted on 9-11-2012

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