Egyptian Airborne get thrown from the plane during Brightstar 2005 - funny video

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Egyptian Airborne get thrown from the plane during Brightstar 2005 - funny video

Warning on the language that follows .... Egyptian military airborne pushed out of the plane during the inter country exercises. Someone who was there notes that :
... Quote:
I was actually there for this. Not in those sticks, but yeah - I was there for the 2005 Exercise Bright Star. As this video was being shot, my stick was on the ground having just finished our jump from some Army CH-47s.

It was really bad. Most of the Egyptian guys had never jumped before. Ever. Literally, their chain of command picked a bunch of them and said "You guys are going to be jumping out of an airplane with the Americans."

Some guys from the Army ran a crash course for them (SF I believe), taught them to jump, then they jumped the next day. The Force guys from our MEU were in the bird with them (Gunny Crawford, now Master Guns Crawford from the Recon Marine "Surviving the Cut" is in the bird with them somewhere, there are higher quality videos of this on YouTube where you can see the back of his head.)

Because they were riding higher to do a HALO/HAHO jump. When they got to the ground they filled us in - the Egyptians were freaking the fuck out, come jump time. A lot of them were rocking back and forth, singing verses from the Koran to themselves. Several of them pissed themselves, "there was piss rolling up and down the aisles" according to one of the guys up there with them.

Another participant notes .....
... Quote:
These tools were the worst Army experience ever in my career. Here's a small summary. They came to my unit for Bright Star which was them (around 200), Germans (like 40), Kuwaitis (4) and some other nation. I was put on like a 24 hour CQ duty for them in which I had to make sure they didn't leave the area. I explained to their Colonel this and it was coming from the post commander, he said alright and nodded his head. Turn around and spoke in his fucking language and BAM.

200 Egyptians running everywhere. It looked like they just got off school or something for the summer. Mother fucking Egyptians... Everywhere. Mind you, this is Fort fucking Bragg so you have plenty of PTSD dudes and now there's 200 of these non-english speaking obviously arabic men running into the PX to buy the most ridiculous high demand of flip flops I have ever seen in my life. So I had to notify pretty much the whole division like, "Hey... Sergeant ______ here. Yeah, they didn't listen to me or my Specialists." So that was the start of my shit show known as Bright Star.

We had to take these mother fuckers to Wal-Mart too. Me and a bunch of the NCOs escorted these bastards over there and they went ape shit. Holy fuck man. Wal-Mart is fucking freedom apparently. We told them the exact time to be at the bus to load up... Yeah, in'sha'lah mother fuckers. So like ten of us had to go round up these Egyptians in a Wal-Mart. It went from like "Hey, go ahead and get back on the bus" to "Hey mother fucker! I'm going to detain your ass! Put the flip flops down." I accidentally yelled at two Mexican guys too thinking they were Egyptians.

You want to see the face of terror? Release 200 Egyptians in a rural Wal Mart with the gun-loving, care free North Carolinans shopping. Oh, then behind the Egyptians, like a shit ton of Sergeants and Staff Sergeants in uniform behind them.

Skipping some other shitty events. Now, here I am in their host country for the actual operation. First off, Egypt doesn't look like Iraq. It is Iraq. The smell, the people, the cars and driving.... Ugh. Little girl tried to pick-pocket me in front of the pyramids. We got ripped off by the tour guide. Food was terrible.

They didn't even organize anything for us. So my company had to come up with some make-shift training. Well, they gave us a building to go practice enter and clear room in.

"Hey, cool Egypt. We'll get some good training in there." My PSG and I go through the rooms to find a place to section off for our platoon.

SHIT. Human feces in this perfectly fine building. Shit, everywhere. You could see their back prints from where they leaned up on the wall. Like every two feet, a human turd just sitting in this building. They sent us to train in their shit building. We send them to fucking Wal-Mart for the shopping spree of their lives, we get house of poo.

Arrogant scum officers too. Jesus, I really hope the ones I met were killed in the uprising. The shit they would say around you, damnit.

Oh, and I shit myself on the flight back from the US while were taking off. Food poisoning for like a week.

I am very passionate about my hatred of Egypt and would only return for war.

Ugh.... I did play with a chameleon though in the desert out there, which was pretty fucking sweet.

TL;DR- Egyptians love Wal-Mart. They poo everywhere. I shit myself as a last "fuck you" to me from Egypt. Chameleons rock.

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By netchicken: posted on 29-4-2013

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