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Android App #5 - Talking SMS messages

Last year I got annoyed with getting texts and having the default Ding, or whatever indication that there was a new text. If I was cycling, I never heard it, if I was driving I never knew if it was important, and at work I had to stop working and look at the phone to see who it was.

So I created an app, really for myself, that gets the phone number of whoever is texting you, then compares it to the phone numbers in your contacts list of your phone and reads back the name of the person sending the text.

Then I found that names that don't pronounce as they are spelled came out off, and I created an internal database to hold aliases of names.

I also had the bright idea to make a popup that shows the message on the front of the phone and a widget to add more functionality.

If you click on the speech bubble in the widget it will read back the message or set up a reply via voice.

I have had it on my phone for the last year and it works for me :-) Anyway if you want to give it a go here it is, others seem to want it as well so i put it on Google Play

sms-interceptor.jpg - 65.63kb
By netchicken: posted on 10-6-2013

Talking sms messages has been updated. I changed the interface as the last one didn't scale nicely.

I also added the ability to change the message that is read out "Incoming text from".

screen.png - 54kb
By netchicken: posted on 12-6-2013

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