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Passwords Based on Typing Style

Wondered if you had caught this news article on Louisiana Tech coming up with a way to verify password based on the typing style of the user. If you think about it, this could actually be an awesome password protection method as I am sure each and every one of us has a "cadence" to how we type a given word.

Now, there would be times it would bite you in the butt - say if you were injured or something that caused your typing style to change drastically, but just as there are ways to recover a forgotten password, I'm sure there will be ways to reset your password to match your new cadence.

I think it's neat!
By sweetpea: posted on 18-2-2005

Actually I was thinking about that recently, I always tend to drop spaces, or make words where the first letter of the second word is stuck on the end of the first word ... like this ... readw ord.

but how much do you have to type to get it verified?

It would be a great idea used in conjunction with other techniques...
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2005

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