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Wow! Gnarly stick for sale...

Bidding is only up to $4.50!

Great comments below :)

This poster should branch out and start a new business!
Or maybe with the topic he should leaf it alone....
By netchicken: posted on 24-2-2005


nice play on words, nc :)

unfortunately the link isn't working for me.. i'll try later

By parrhesia: posted on 24-2-2005

Thats strange camel, it works OK for me..
Here is the text....

For thousands of years the humble stick has been the friend of mankind (esp Moses). Some even go as far to say that Moses could not have walked for so long had it not been for his stick. Nor could he have parted the Red Sea. Life as we know it would be radically different without the stick.

Here is your chance to get an authentic stick, similar to the one that moses used for a fraction of the price he paid in desert toiling!

This stick is packed with features for the dapper person in this fast paced life of ours. see fig. 1.1 for details (below)

Fig. 1.1 - FEATURES
Hand crafted by God!
Real old lookin
With authentic bark protection case
Places where other sticks have attempted to asexually reproduce themselves!
Came off a tree that may have been in Lord of the Rings extended Sony edition
Water resistant (maybe)
Greyish brown colour!

But it is not merely walking for which the stick is suited. Oh no. The list does not stop there. In fact the list keeps going. See fig. 1.2 for the list (below).

Fig. 1.2 - STICK USES
Parting seas (see above)
Hitting stuff
Acting as an appendage for a tree on which to grow leaves
Being chopped up and made into paper
Chilly nipple per car!
To create fire by rubbing one stick against the other
Great for shepherd going for the ultimate look
Maori stick game
Phallic impersonation
Creating faggots
Pretend swords for pretend sword fights
Turn into snake if other snakes are not present
To create matchsticks
Propping up a tent
Pointing at stuff (eg seas to be parted – see Bible for more)
Flotation device
The home you have been looking for, for your termite collection!
Pinata whacking device
Would make a great hobo stick
Creating sawdust
Chopping into smaller sticks
Playing t-ball with your Nokia mobile phone

You wood be stuck without a stick like this!

Comes in a great protective case!
By netchicken: posted on 24-2-2005

hehe, it's working now.

it's an amazing looking stick :P

And all those attributes you posted. damn!

By parrhesia: posted on 25-2-2005

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