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Money exchange

An Asian man walks into a New York Currency Exchange with 2000 yen. He receives $72.00 in American currency. The following week, the same Asian man walks into the same currency exchange. He again exchanges 2000 yen. This time, he receives $66.00 in American currency. The Asian man doesn't understand why he received less money, so he asks the clerk, "Why less money when same 2000 yen"

The clerk replies, "Fluctuations." As the Asian man prepares to leave, he turns, looks at the clerk and angrily says, "Fluck you Amelicans, too!"
By netchicken: posted on 1-3-2005

By WorldChild: posted on 2-3-2005

Just in from England,

Camilla Parker Bowles says she is very happy to be getting wed but says
she has turned down the Queen's offer of a free weekend in Paris with
car and driver .......

By sweetpea: posted on 2-3-2005

I love it!

Check out the Charles and Camila pic in my blog :)
By netchicken: posted on 2-3-2005

Nice pic NC!
By WorldChild: posted on 3-3-2005

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