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This looks interesting, new tech can reduce oil costs...


A futuristic cargo vessel with no conventional engines, which uses no fossil fuels and releases no harmful emissions has been proposed for the shipping routes between New Zealand and Britain.

Powered by the sun, wind and waves, the vessel is expected to attract interest from New Zealand exporters facing the threat of increasing concern from European environmentalists over "food miles" - the distance that foods are carried using fossil fuels.

The ship has been designed by the Scandinavian company Wallenius Wilhelmsen - which described it as the first truly environmentally-friendly ship. The design will be unveiled next month at the Japan trade expo in Aichi, according to Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

European campaigners have used examples of New Zealand fruit and meat being carried 20,000km to market to argue that locally-produced foods are more environmentally sustainable.

Environmental lobbyists in Britain have argued that by eating produce from countries such as New Zealand, consumers are effectively eating oil because of the vast amounts of energy spent in transporting them. One high-profile campaign in Germany used a photograph of an NZ apple dripping oil.

The first ship to use the technology will be a cargo vessel called the E/S Orcelle after the endangered orcelle dolphin from the Irrawaddy delta. E/S stands for "environmentally-sound ship" and the first vessel is expected to harness wave energy with 12 dolphin-like fins on the ship's hull, while sun and wind energy is collected by three giant, fin-like sails covered in solar panels.

The sails and fins will also help the ship to cruise at 15 knots, and stability will be provided by a slim monohull that will have two smaller support hulls, known as sponsons, on each side.

The 250m-long vessel will have a cargo deck the size of 14 football fields, capable of carrying the equivalent of 10,000 cars.

The ship's design will also mean it will not need to carry ballast water, used to stabilise traditional vessels. The discharge of ballast water contaminated with invasive marine organisms has worried environmentalists for years, because it often spreads them.

The company's chief executive, Nils Dyvik, said a ship with some "environmentally-friendly characteristics" could be launched within five years, but the "complete version" of the E/S Orcelle might not be crossing the oceans until 2025.

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By netchicken: posted on 16-3-2005

Pretty dang awsome. I hope it pans out. It would be nice to see world shipping eventually convert 100% to this kind of technology assuming its cost effective.
By WorldChild: posted on 17-3-2005

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