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Military invent giant walking spiders...

No one at the Pentagon has plans to stick G.I.s in giant, six-legged, super-strong robots. Yet. But you've got to figure it's only a matter of time, now that a Finnish subsidiary of John Deere is building the machines for new-jack lumberjacks.

In the works for a decade and a half, the is supposed to be an eco-friendly, log-hauling monstrosity; its six massive legs spreads the weight of the machine evenly, the company claims, to minimize any impact on the forest soil.

... Quote:
Depending on the terrain, the ground pressure can be adjusted by changing the machine's six 'shoes. When the machine confronts obstacles, it simply steps over them... avoid[ing] significant grounddisturbance and minimiz[ing] damage to tree roots.

The company's website doesn't have much detail on the machine. But, in pictures and videos, the spider-like Walker seems to be able to toss around logs and step through the forest with ease. And for a Defense Department keyed up to build walking robots, that would seem like a mighty tempting target.
By netchicken: posted on 19-3-2005

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