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Schnappi the little crocodile

Germans have gone crocodile-crazy after a children's song about the reptile took the charts by storm. The song, like the reptile, struck before the likes of Kylie Minogue or Robbie Williams even knew what was happening.
A children's song by a little girl has raced to the top of the German singles charts in just a few weeks. The song Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil or "Snappy, the little crocodile" has relegated hits by Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg and Kylie Minogue to the lower echelons of the Top 10.

The song is basically about the teething efforts of a little crocodile with lots of sharp teeth. Seven-year-old Joy Gruttmann's aunt Iris recorded her singing the tune three years ago, when she was four. Iris Gruttmann, who co-wrote the song, then posted it on the Internet as a kind of family joke.

This little song about a crocodile has taken over the German charts, sung by a 4 year old.

Can anyone find a download of the song?
I havn't had much luck...

Be sure not to miss the video, too:

First, for all of you who want to sing along, but don't know German, a quick attempt at a translation:

I am Snappi, the little crocodile!
Im from Egypt, right on the river Nile.
I was trapped in my egg at first,
But snip-snap-snap and then it burst.

schni schna schnappi schnappi schnappi schnapp
schni schna schnappi schnappi schnappi schnapp

I am Snappi, the little crocodile!
I have sharp teeth, show lots with every smile.
I snap up everything I smell,
I snap because I can so well.


I am Snappi, the little crocodile.
I like to snap because it makes me smile.
For my Mom, Ill set a little trap
And then shell see how well that I can snap.


I am Snappi, the little crocodile.
I could go on snapping for a while.
Ill just bite my Papa on the toe
And then off to sleep I go.

By netchicken: posted on 25-3-2005

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