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How to choose your keywords for your website

You are going to make a site, but you are not sure what people type into the search engines to reach your site.

Here is a good example. I want to make a site that sells golf clubs. So I go to http://inventory.overture.c...

and type the word golf into the box. What do I get?
219481 golf club
140447 golf course
78606 golf vacation
57982 ireland golf vacation
52769 golf cart
44197 golf school
42988 golf channel
42598 golf equipment
42450 las vegas golf
37348 golf ball
28401 callaway golf
24111 golf shirt
23731 golf bag
22337 custom golf club

These are the most typed in requests for people wanting to know about golfing.

So those phrases, will be used on my webpage, somehow, Maybe I will even create a page on, "golf equipment" with all the tools, and even information about places to play. These can be sub pages to my site and link back to my main page.

These pages, keyword enriched will feed people to the actual subject I am wanting my site on. Sneeky isn't it :)

However the entire site still has to be about golf, no sence in trying to sell cars and making golf pages. Really however if you make unique pages about golf then that is exactly what google wants anyway. You are just playing by the rules with your eyes open.

This program is another fine tool to use.
Join the free trial type in your topic and up pops heaps of keywords used to access that topic.
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2005

Check your keywords using this tool

Open 2 windows do your site, then your oppositions site, bring your keyword density for certian words up to, but not far above, that of the opposition. You can be penalised if your keywords are too dense. 7% (I think) is the ideal density.

Webcrawler simulater, like the google poodly, this tool shows you what the web crawler will see and the text it willindex. Very much like the tool above except instead of counting words you see them.
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2005

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